Collaboration Proves Flavour of the Month

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26 April 2022

SERC Hospitality & Catering Lecturer Brian Magill

Young woman holding ice cream tub

Following student, lecturer and team success at the IFEX International Food Exhibition at Belfast, we are delighted to hear that part of the winning dessert for the International Street Food Competition, has been launched as a new flavour by Betty’s Ice cream.

Local entrepreneur, 22-year-old Bethany Boyd launched Betty’s Ice Cream last year and her search for new flavours led to meeting Brian Magill from SERC’s Hospitality and Catering team.

Brian said, “When we were developing the menu for the International Street Food Competition, we were keen to work with local food producers, such as Irish Black Butter, whom we have worked with previously.  Food NI - with whom we have a fantastic working relationship - introduced us to Bethany of Betty’s Ice Cream."

He added, “Our menu for the Competition was themed around Belfast Banter, and we came up with the idea of Brown Lemonade Ice Cream as part of the dessert which included cider fermented sourdough pancakes, apple and cinnamon butter, Bushmills whiskey, apple and Irish Black Butter compote. People of a certain age will remember brown lemonade and perhaps have memories of the Maine lemonade lorry pulling up to deliver a crate full of flavoured lemonades – including the ‘Norn Iron’ brown lemonade which was originally developed for shipyard workers as an alternative to alcohol."

“Everyone who tasted it at IFEX loved it, and we are delighted that Bethany has worked hard to develop and launch it so that everyone can enjoy it. It’s reinventing ice-cream for a young generation which also has a hint of nostalgia and will transport some people back to a bygone era.”

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