Community Engagement

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is an integral part of the local community. We want to ensure that our College Campuses and its resources are used for the benefit of everyone in the area.

Return to Education

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) provides a range of courses to engage with the local community. We work with community, voluntary and statutory organisations to encourage and support individuals to return to education.

Returning to studies can assist individuals to:

  • Learn a new skill and develop new leisure interests
  • Reconnect with learning
  • Increase confidence
  • Gain qualifications missed out on first time round
  • Achieve skills and qualifications to enhance career prospects
  • Opportunity to meet new people


A dedicated drop in facility for members for the public who are considering returning to education. A place where members of the public, who are considering returning to education, can attend to access a range of educational support and guidance, gain confidence and get familiar with College life.

Opening Hours and Activities

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