Support For Carers

As we can assume that there are many others who do not identify as carers, we are aware that there is a wider group of students who need additional support and understanding whilst they are at college.

Caring responsibilities at home?

More than 8,500* young people in Northern Ireland currently take on an unpaid caring role, impacting on their education, well-being and career.

We feel it is important that young and young adult carers studying at SERC are supported throughout their course. We understand that students who are carers face many barriers to full engagement in college life and learning and we want to help them overcome these to achieve their best result from their time with us.

Pastoral Care

We have a dedicated team to offer help and advice and students can also approach the class rep or Student Union officers. This support is available to carers of all ages.

We understand student carers may need time out to call home, extra time to complete assignments, and information about their rights and the welfare services available. We are working with students who have caring responsibilities to help us develop and improve the support services we provide.

Carer identity cards are available on request – these can be shared discreetly with staff, should you be late arriving at college, or need to leave early to fulfil caring responsibilities. We are also committed to training SERC staff to promote a wider understanding of the support Young Carers & Young Adult Carers need and to make sure the College is ready to respond to those needs.

We also work closely with the South Eastern Health Trust to identify resources which will help young carers and young adult carers which may support financial or psychological needs.

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Graphic showing home and College life balance

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