Return To Learning For Adults

Restart Education is for adults who have been out of full-time education for at least a year. We recognise that a return to learning can be daunting, but we are here to support you every step of the way. The learning experience at SERC on a Restart course is very different from life at school! 

The part-time course will:

  • Help you improve your literacy and numeracy skills
  • Give you a basic grounding in science
  • Offer a taste of subjects such as sociology and IT.
  • Develop your study skills
  • Support you to improve your wellbeing and resilience
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Restart Lite is a shorter, part time course to introduce adults to education at SERC. We are confident that we can support you to learn and achieve and inspire you to continue your education. The course covers:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Study skills
  • Taster sessions for IT, Science, and Social Science
  • Wellbeing and Resilience
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Access Is for those who aspire to a degree. Perhaps you think you've missed your chance at university because you didn't get the qualifications needed to apply when you were at school. Maybe you want to change direction or want to progress in your current job but need a degree to do so? The Access course at SERC - an Award year followed by a Diploma year - is designed to get you on track for university.

The Access Award includes compulsory modules of Study Skills and Biology 1 with further modules chosen from:

  • Psychology
  • English or American Literature
  • Sociology

The Access Diploma completes the Access studies with a further three modules which you choose. These may include:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology 2
  • English or American Literature
  • Irish History
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Mathematical and Statistical Methods
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You will be supported to achieve throughout your time at SERC with services set up to help you overcome challenges to your learning.

Little SERC Creche is there to help parents who enrol on a course at our Newcastle Campus and need access to childcare.

Student Support includes a dedicated service for students with caring responsibilities and health and welfare advice through our pastoral care team and partners

Our student finance team can deliver advice on the range of funding and help available

All students at SERC are automatically members of the Students’ Union which brings benefits including a discount card, and the chance to make your voice heard on matters relating to the College.

Portrait of SERC Student Naoise Davey

Naoise Davey

Access Level 3 Diploma, progressed to a first-class degree in law

“The campus at SERC is a very relaxed studying environment and a lot more tailored to individual personalities and learning styles than traditional school, which clearly wasn’t for me.

The course was also flexible enough for someone like me who was working full-time in tandem with the course. The support I received around deadlines, completing assessments, and just generally adapting to academic life was a real confidence boost. There are lots of people at SERC to help and support you make the change you want to make for yourself.”

Portrait of SERC Student Kayleigh Wellard

Kayleigh Wellard

Access Level 3 Diploma, progressed to a midwifery degree and now working in the Ulster Hospital

“My time at SERC was really positive, and right from the beginning I was supported by the tutors who took me under their wing. This was especially helpful for me because I had been out of education for a good few years and was able to find my balance in this working environment again.

The Access course was a fantastic steppingstone in giving me the qualifications I needed and I found the transition to university a lot less stressful because of the independence I had built from SERC.”