Student Testimonials

A Profile photo of student, Amy-Jane Welshman

Amy-Jane Welshman

Level 3 National Extended Diploma Performing Arts Practice

What I loved most about my time in SERC was the support from the tutors, the relationships that were built made the learning journey even more enjoyable.

A Profile photo of student, Eve Bryans

Eve Bryans

Pearson BTEC HND in Animal Management

I don’t think I’ve gone into a single class and not thought “I’m enjoying myself”. I love the variety of coursework on the HND"

A Profile photo of student, Ellie Hood

Ellie Hood

HNC in International Travel and Tourism Management

School wasn’t for me, I didn’t like the rigid structure of the classes and teaching, whereas at SERC everyone is studying in their own style and it’s a lot better for learning.

A Profile photo of student, Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Catering - Work Based Apprenticeship (Professional Cookery) (Level 3)

There were a lot of opportunities and new experiences which I wouldn’t have had if I had gone back to school to do A-Levels. It was very practical and hands-on, and we got to take part in cookery competitions which helped to develop my skills.

A Profile photo of student, Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

Open University-validated BSc (Hons) in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

My plan is to go into industry after finishing this year of my course, hopefully the cyber security field. As a lot of jobs in that industry require proper qualifications, my course is setting me up perfectly for it because it’s a bachelor's degree.

A Profile photo of student, Nicole Morrison

Nicole Morrison

VTCT NVQ Level 2 in Nail Services

Every day we are learning so much. Besides learning everything there is to know about nails – from nutrition to allergens - we take part in a number of student enhancements where we can complete courses in ear piercing and electronic filing.

A Profile photo of student, Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown

Level 3 Technical Diploma in Art and Design

I really enjoyed the units in my course such as fashion, ceramics, fine art, photography and graphic design. The tutors have been extremely helpful in the learning process as well. I would give the course a 10/10 rating.

A Profile photo of student, Catherine McCrossan

Catherine McCrossan

VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Reflexology for the Complementary Therapist

I have been blown away by SERC and how things are taught here. I would say it's in some ways not traditional – it’s not about fitting a mould, it's very practical and it’s about creating opportunities to learn and then use the learning.

A Profile photo of student, Alexandru Oncea

Alexandru Oncea

Pearson BTEC HNC in International Travel and Tourism Management

What attracted me most to the HNC qualification was the opportunity of a placement which is built into the course. Next spring, I will complete 80 hours with an organisation connected to the industry.