Student Testimonials

A Profile photo of student, Luke McIlwrath

Luke McIlwrath

Level 3 Apprenticeship NI in Carpentry & Joinery

My favourite part of being on the apprenticeship has been learning new skills. I am employed with A Reid & Son and have really enjoyed doing practical work and receiving on-site training which is giving me a lot of experience in this industry.

A Profile photo of student, Rowan Magee

Rowan Magee

Pearson BTEC HND in Performing Arts

If you enrol on this course, you will have the opportunity to control what you make. My classmates and I just made a 35-minute show from scratch based on what we wanted to do, and last year we did a 15-minute show which was brilliant.

A Profile photo of student, Holly Porter

Holly Porter

Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up

I think the course really suits me because I have had great opportunities to showcase my creativity, particularly in the makeup parts of the course which is my preferred area of study.

A Profile photo of student, Tanya Steele

Tanya Steele

Level 3 Apprenticeship NI in Hairdressing

I really enjoy my course, I am learning so much at the salon and when I am at SERC in class. The apprenticeship route is great as you are building on your skills every day and, as you progress, you gain more confidence and responsibility.

A Profile photo of student, Ciaran Brennan

Ciaran Brennan

Level 3 Apprenticeship NI in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Heavy Vehicle)

Learning on the job and in college suits me in that I am continually building on my knowledge. I like the variety of the apprenticeship as one day I could be working on a heavy vehicle and another day, working on a van.

A Profile photo of student, Zara Shiels

Zara Shiels

Level 2 Diploma In Professional Bakery

The practical aspect of the course is brilliant, it’s great getting hands on experience and having a chance to really improve your skills - I am now ten times the baker I was before I came to SERC.

A Profile photo of student, Patrick Jimenéz Morgan

Patrick Jimenéz Morgan

Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Uniformed Protective Services

My course prepared me immensely for employment. I learnt leadership and teamwork skills which makes a huge difference in how I approach my current role in being part of the emergency response plan at Belfast City Airport.

A Profile photo of student, Douglas Robinson

Douglas Robinson

Pearson BTEC HND in Computing (Software and Games Development)

I have gained a lot of knowledge in the practical units but loved the theory too, and how they are both efficiently blended into the course. I liked analysing and creating databases and excel spreadsheets in particular.

A Profile photo of student, Jack Greer

Jack Greer

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Barbering

I suppose I thought I was going to learn just to cut hair, but there is so much more to it, and by the time you move up from Level 2 to Level 3, you cover colour, design and cutthroat shaving.