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Organic September 2023

232 days ago

September 2023

World Rainforest Day

305 days ago

22nd June 2023

Plastic Free Beauty Day

309 days ago

17th June 2023

World Environment Day

320 days ago

5th June 2023

Walk To School Week

340 days ago

17th-24th May 2023

International Compost Awareness Week

347 days ago

Sunday 7th May to Saturday 13th May 2023

Tackling Fast Fashion: Stay stylish & sustainable!

425 days ago

Fast fashion is a major problem for the environment. Check out this artful video to find out more, including what you can do to help protect the planet!


501 days ago

Want to enjoy Christmas whilst also gifting the environment this festive season? Then keep reading for our top 10 tips on staying sustainable at Christmas!

Energy and Money Saving Winter Checklist!

529 days ago

Prepare for winter with our energy and money saving checklist!

National Pumpkin Day 2022

544 days ago

26th October 2022 is National Pumpkin Day

World EV Day

591 days ago

9th September 2022

World Nature Conservation Day

632 days ago

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on the 28 July.

The Wonders of Glass By Anthony May

669 days ago

Anthony May, a Lisburn Skills for Life Student has written an Eco-Blog on the different uses of glass for the Eco-Committee.

Ballynahinch Backs Biodiversity!

677 days ago

Working with their lecturer Roisin Malone, a group of SERC Access students have formed an Eco Committee in the Ballynahinch campus and carried our some great environmental work in the local area this year!

Urban Wildlife Hotspot on Lisburn Campus!

704 days ago

Students from Animal Management, Foundation Learning, SERC Eco Committee and Skills for Life & Work have teamed up to create an urban wildlife hotspot in our Lisburn campus!

No Mow May

710 days ago

Letting the flowers bloom on your lawn helps to provide a vital source of nectar for bees and other insects.

My Poem About The Environment

747 days ago

Lisburn Foundation Student's have been hard at work writing eco-blogs/poems for the Eco-Committee with the aim of inspiring everyone around SERC to be more eco conscious. First up we have Ben's poem on the environment.

World Water Day

760 days ago

22nd March 2022

World Wildlife Day 2022

779 days ago

3rd March 2022

Bottles to birdfeeders! : A guide to creating birdfeeders from used plastic bottles

800 days ago

Turn used plastic bottles into bespoke birdfeeders with this handy guide!

World Wetlands Day

808 days ago

2nd February 2022

Climate Change

816 days ago

Climate Change in Northern Ireland

Staying Sustainable at Christmas

857 days ago

Want to enjoy Christmas whilst also gifting the environment this festive season? Then keep reading for our top 10 tips on staying sustainable at Christmas!

International Animal Rights Day

862 days ago

10th December 2021

World Soil Day

866 days ago

Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity

Wildlife Conservation Day

869 days ago

4th December 2021

National Tree Week

872 days ago

27th November-5th December 2021

Sustainable solutions to children’s toy waste! It’s child’s play!

884 days ago

We all know the buzz and appeal of the latest toy crazes for children. But with an estimated 80% of toys ending up in landfills, incinerators, or the ocean, urgent solutions are needed to curb the waste. Read on for great tips and fun activities!

COP 26: Why is it so Important?

901 days ago

With the UK as President, COP26 takes place in Glasgow this week. COP 26 will give every nation a chance to reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change. Why is this so significant?

World Vegan Day

901 days ago

1st November 2021

Reptile Awareness Day

912 days ago

21st October 2021

World Car Free Day 2021

943 days ago

22nd September 2021

Innovation in Renewable Energy Part 2: PaveGen Paving the Way

946 days ago

Pavegen technology converts kinetic footsteps into electricity to power services in high-footfall locations. This blog explores the technologies real world application and how it might be used in the future.

World Ozone Day

947 days ago

16th September 2021

Organic September

960 days ago

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming.

Reducing Your Pet's Carbon Pawprint: Sustainable Toys

984 days ago

How you can reduce your pet's carbon pawprint by choosing sustainable toys!

Cycle to Work Day

990 days ago

5th August 2021

International Tiger Day

997 days ago

29th July 2021

Plastic Promise: Reduce Your Use

1006 days ago

Make your Plastic Promise with Live Here Love Here!

Reuse Household Water

1019 days ago

Top Tips on How to Reuse Water at Home

International Plastic Bag Free Day

1023 days ago

Saturday 3rd July 2021

The Future is Electric: Why You Should Consider Buying an Electric Car

1026 days ago

With the electric car market in Northern Ireland beginning to boom this blog highlights why you should consider switching to an electric car.

World Rainforest Day

1034 days ago

22nd June 2021

World Refill Day

1046 days ago

16th June 2021

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

1046 days ago

17th June 2021

World Ocean Day

1047 days ago

World Ocean Day, 8th June 2021

World Environment Day

1051 days ago

World Environment Day, 5 June 2021 is a holiday all about teaching people about environmental issues, giving people the opportunity to change the habits they have that are affecting the environment and work towards change.

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

1054 days ago

Watch our video highlighting key tips for attracting more wildlife into your garden.

Innovation in Renewables- Wind Turbine Decommissioning

1061 days ago

Across Europe there are around 34,000 wind turbines that are approaching the end of their life cycle. This blog explores innovative methods of repurposing wind turbine blades before they reach landfill.

International Day for Biological Diversity

1065 days ago

22nd May 2021