Reece Kenny

Reece Kenny

“The part I like most about my course is getting out of the classroom and working on-site with my employer DD Electrical. In school, I wasn’t the best with the theory side of things or the most academic person, I was much more of a practical learner. As part of this apprenticeship, I am in class doing theory work once a week and the rest of the week I’m out working with my employer, so the course suits me well as someone who enjoys a more practical-based education. Since starting SERC, my tutors have really helped me through the theory and I’m a lot more confident with it now too."

“On the days I’m out with my employer, my tasks vary depending on the job – I help with kitchen and bathroom rewiring and sometimes full-house rewires. It’s great having my boss there to mentor me as well, I get a really good insight into what it’s like to be an electrician and learn on the job every single day. Getting paid for my time is a great bonus too.” 

 “The facilities at SERC are very high standard, and so are the tools we use in the workshops. It’s a great environment to learn in.”    

 “After finishing my apprenticeship and getting fully qualified, my plan is to go into full employment and maybe travel to Australia, where both the money and demand for electricians is high.” 

“If you’re interested in studying an apprenticeship at SERC, I would say go for it one hundred percent, especially if you’re enthusiastic and like to learn practically. When I mentioned to my employer that I was going to SERC as opposed to another college, it was like a lightbulb lit up in their head – SERC has a great reputation with its employers which I think shows just how good it is.”