Natasha Kennedy

Natasha Kennedy

“I had heard a lot of good reviews from friends that had come to SERC to study, and I had also come to a couple of open days which really sold the College for me – the teachers were very friendly and were great in helping me decide on what I wanted to study.” 

“I really enjoy how hands-on the course is, which is great for me as I prefer hands-on practical courses over writing and text-based courses. We get to work on normal road cars; we’ve learnt how to change tires, balance car wheels, replace and modify electrical components, exhausts, and suspensions. We are also moving on to more advanced mechanics like engine timings. I think you need a strong will for the course, there’s quite a bit of hard labour involved with heavy equipment and machinery.”  

 “I’m involved with the SERC Entrepreneur Club who help promote my student business and I have also joined the SERC Student's Union Dungeons and Dragons club, which is a lot of fun.”  

“I’m thinking of continuing my studies in mechanics after I complete this course, or I could go and work with my dad who restores vehicles – he works with Coach Hill Motors (Bangor), and is currently restoring a 1993 Rover Mini Sprite – I quite like restoring cars, which is another reason I’m doing this traineeship.” 

“I’d definitely recommend SERC, it’s not like high school at all. The teachers are very helpful, and the campuses have a very nice atmosphere. I enjoy it more than high school.”