Charleen Scott

Charleen Scott

“When my youngest turned 11 and went off to secondary school, it felt like the right time to get myself back out there and do something for myself and do something I had always wanted to do."

“Before I had my family I worked in hair and beauty.   I had always been interested in fashion and trends and considered myself quite creative.   My skills came to the fore when my husband and I finished building a house - which we planned to sell – I really enjoyed the process of picking the materials and planning the look and feel of the place and turning what I visualised into reality.   Friends and family said I had a gift which spurred me on to find out what I could do with these skills."

“I was on a visit to SERC, with my husband who was looking to do a course, when I spotted a poster in the lift for a new OCN Level 2 in Interior Design, and it sparked my interest. As a family, at this time we were thinking about moving to Canada, but Covid put our plans on hold, so I made enquiries and although I was extremely interested, I talked myself out of it – more than once!   I think when you have been ‘just a mum’ for a while you do lose a bit of your confidence.  Eventually, I decided I had to give it a chance and see where it might take me."

“I loved the course from day one. The lecturer, Sharon Castles, has worked in the industry which is fantastic.   Everyone in the class is creative and interested in interiors and there is a real buzz when we get talking about interiors. We all have distinctive styles and I find it fascinating that no two people in the class would use colour in the same way."

“The Level 2 gave me so much confidence in myself and I enjoyed it so much I came back to do the OCN Level 3 Interior Design, which is one full day a week. It was also a good foundation for Level 3 – currently we are developing the interior for an entire house which is very exciting."

“There is a lovely atmosphere in the College and a real mix in the classroom. You will get to meet so many new people that you can sound out ideas - it's a highly creative environment. If you get excited about fabrics, materials, samples, colour and schemes, then this is the course for you.  Even if you are not thinking about a career move but want to do something for yourself, I would thoroughly recommend this course, especially as it has been such an enjoyable course.”

“I am hoping to go out on my own after I finish the course.   Interiors never stop changing, and potential clients will all want something different, so it is a case of continual learning and change, which I find exciting.  Taking on an interior designer is about having something bespoke, something unique, something to match your very own tastes and style and that’s where I will get the buzz in delivering.”