Alec Luke

Alec Luke

“After completing my GCSEs, I knew that A-Levels weren’t for me – so my family and I attended an open day at SERC Bangor campus and talked with the IT tutors about the courses. We took a tour around SERC’s SPACE building, and I thought the facilities were perfect. That’s when I knew SERC was right for me”. 

“When I started my course at SERC, I initially thought I’d love the cyber security aspect of the course the most, it’s something I’ve always been interested in, but as soon as I joined the course, I was learning about different facets of IT which I'm starting to think I enjoy even more than cyber security – it was eye-opening. So, at the minute I’m not sure which aspect of the course is my favourite since I like them all so much.  

"Year one of the course is more general IT; you learn about IT systems, databases, social media, data management and some programming. Year two of the course is more practical focused. Apart from learning about cyber security, you also learn about Internet of Things (IOT) - which is learning how to programme your own devices. We are currently in the theory stage of learning about mobile app and games development, but we will be moving on to designing our own mobile app layouts and designing our own games soon. There is also a year long project as part of the course which needs to incorporate the methodologies we research and talk about in class. For my project, I plan on creating a language learning programme."

“I know by the end of the year I’ll have a clear idea of which computer degree at SERC I’d like to apply to. I was considering doing a computer degree at university, but I don’t see the point because I can get the same university degree at a local SERC campus which I’m already familiar with, while staying close to home and family at the same time. Long-term I’d like to go into a job working with cyber security.” 

“I definitely recommend SERC. At SERC, it feels like the learning caters to you rather than you catering to the learning, so anyone who wants to carve their own path, come to SERC.”