SERC Staff Member Amy Celebrates Book Publication

A book launch was held on Saturday 25th June at the East Side Visitor’s Centre to celebrate the publication of a book written by Dr Amy Jeffrey, SERC Quality and Development Intern, titled Space and Irish Lesbian Fiction: Towards a Queer Liminality.

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30 June 2022

Dr Amy Jeffrey and her book 'Space and Irish Lesbian Fiction: Towards a Queer Liminality'.

Space and Irish Lesbian Fiction (Routledge Press, 2022) is the first full length study dedicated to Irish and Northern Irish lesbian fiction. Evaluating a wide body of writing from the Victorian era to the contemporary age, this book advocates for women writers who have been largely ignored in Irish literary history and criticism.  

Amy holds a PhD in Irish literature from Queen’s University Belfast, where she has taught for several years, and the book grew out of her doctoral studies and was several years in the making. She has published widely in the field of Irish studies, women’s and LGBTQ+ writing and culture, as well as writing horror fiction. Amy currently volunteers on the LGBT Heritage Project NI, the first lottery funded project examining the Northern Irish LGBTQ+ community. 

On her recently published book, Amy commented, “I am delighted that my book is finally in print after several years of research. I hope this book will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about lesbian writing and LGBT history in Ireland and Northern Ireland more broadly. There is a body of nearly 150 years of Irish lesbian writing in Ireland that is largely unheard of!  Lesbian and Irish women writers have not received the attention they deserve - I hope this book will shine a light on their contributions to both literature and society.” 

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