Go Green at Work

Climate change is a challenge that involves everybody. At SERC we are passionate about going Green and making a difference in the world around us. Some of the measures needed are straightforward and easy and some are slightly more difficult.

Go Green at Work

 'Going Green' includes SERC's ethical behaviours, social responsibility, and the protection of the environment. SERC wishes to move away from being passively compliant to proactively 'green' and intends to achieve this through the Eco Commitee who have created a clear vision, defined strategies and measurable achievements. 

Going green can improve the overall efficiency at SERC. Reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs for the business, for example, turning off lights in vacant offices can save energy, save on utility costs and increase SERC's bottom line. 

There are many environmental and social benefits relating to sustainability in the workplace... A green organisation will attract quality staff and retain staff who are happy and productive. It's more cost efficient over time to run a sustainable work environment, and has competitive advantages. Finally, it means contributing to a more secure and sustainable future.  

Becoming known as a green firm can be attractive to potential employees. Being green means looking after people as well as the environment, and being green may give SERC the edge in attracting the best staff.  

It can create a sense of purpose for employees through activities such as joining SERC's Eco Committee to generate creative ideas for reducing consumption and waste in the workplace.


Remarkable ways to go Green in the Workplace:

  1. Change the way you commute to work- Walk, cycle, car share or use public transport.
  2. Pack your lunch with reusable containers.
  3. Print double sided, to save paper.
  4. Always recycle.
  5. Don't print e-mails, unless it is essential. 
  6. Share documents online with colleagues instead of printing various documents.
  7. Get into the habit of turning off electricity when it isn't in use.
  8. Set up a collaborative online workspace to communicate online. Rather than using traditional methods involving paper.  
  9. Turn computers and electronic devices completely off instead of setting them in standby mode when they're not in use.
  10. Take the stairs instead of the life.
  11. Instead of paper towels, use hand dryers.
  12. Use natural light, if it's an option.
  13. Use an Bamboo eco friendly travel mug instead of paper cups. (Available to purchase from SERC's Eco Shop)
  14.  Use a reusable water bottle and fill it up daily.
  15.  Join SERC's Eco Committee and have your say! 

To find out what the College is getting up to with regards to Go Green or to sign up to the eco-committee on each campus, email GoGreen@serc.ac.uk 

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