Each year the Eco Committees at SERC deliver a range of environmental projects.


During September and October, SERC students and staff are recruited to the campus Eco Committees, which together form the SERC Eco Community. Community members work together to deliver projects such as litter picks, rewilding initiatives, woodland restoration and more.

In 2022, members participated in an up-cycled fashion competition and exhibition in the local arts centre.

You can see the summary video here:

The SERC Eco Community is flexible, allowing staff and students to participate in the projects that match their interests and schedule. Students and staff decide together which roles they take depending on the project. For example, during a littler pick, a student may participate as a volunteer picker, while for a fashion project they may decide to help create promotional materials using their creative media skills. In this way, students can develop a wide range of skills across different projects!

Check out past Eco Committee projects here:

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