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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Rowan Magee

Rowan Magee

 “I came to SERC with a bit of acting experience and not much knowledge of other areas. The course has provided me with the opportunity to programme, to rig shows and overall, to just improve my skillset in areas that I wasn't aware of in the first place, which was something I liked."

“You get a lot more freedom here compared to school. If you enrol on this course, you will have the opportunity to control what you make. My classmates and I just made a 35-minute show from scratch based on what we wanted to do, and last year we did a 15-minute show which was brilliant."

“All the tutors are great but what you’ll find in SERC that you don’t find in school is that you will be a lot closer with the tutors. They don’t treat you like just a student; they are like mates in a way, and you can talk to them if you have any problems. They go above and beyond for you which is really nice.”

“I would tell potential students to definitely consider this course. Even if you don’t have that much experience, because when you study at SERC you will learn lots."

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