Patrick Jimenéz Morgan

Patrick Jimenéz Morgan

“I had a positive experience at SERC and would recommend anyone to get involved with the college if they are interested in continuing their education. SERC has a fantastic support system which facilitates the learning process, and a high standard of teaching which students can really benefit from. Having moved from Spain, I was treated like any other student by both my teachers and classmates, therefore I would highly encourage anyone to sign up for a course that they like.”

“My course prepared me immensely for employment. I learnt leadership and teamwork skills which makes a huge difference in how I approach my current role in being part of the emergency response plan at Belfast City Airport. I feel more comfortable with taking initiative and creating action plans at my job because of what I was taught at SERC.

"With being part of the emergency response plan at Belfast City Airport, I am now familiar with emergency response plans and how each public service has its role in the event of an emergency. I never expected to use these skills in my job, which proves that no matter what course you are doing, you will always use your skills down the line.”

"We got to visit many different locations in Northern Ireland as part of the outdoor unit, which involved both land and water-based activities. A memorable trip for me was a week-long trip to Ballykinler, where my class got to experience the military lifestyle. I also really enjoyed the planning and management unit of the course, which involved having to co-ordinate an emergency response to a potential major incident for a class exercise.”

“I am grateful to all the staff at SERC for the support they have provided, and the opportunity to springboard into a career which I enjoy. I have no regrets choosing to study at SERC.”