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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Jemuel Chamos, Bricklaying - Apprenticeship NI (Level 3)

Jemuel Chamos, Bricklaying - Apprenticeship NI (Level 3)

 “I am an apprentice for John Russell Bricklaying Limited in Bangor.

During my time at SERC I have took part in and won numerous WorldSkills competitions which gave me a chance to demonstrate the skills I had acquired while at the college.

Winning the competition was a real confidence booster and looks great on my CV.

I have really developed my skills whilst at SERC and I'm looking forward to entering the workplace full time on completion of this course.” 

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