Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

“I did a lot of online research and looked at SERC testimonials, but attending one of the open days is what really got me interested in studying computing at SERC. As part of the open day, the computing lecturers had this augmented reality stall where you could try out virtual reality headsets which sparked my interest.  After talking with the computing lecturers about the courses available, I decided on applying to SERC.

“I need to find things out in my own way, rather than a lecturer doing it for me, and this course supports that through flexible class times. We are in class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which is great because of all the time we have to learn and do coursework by ourselves. It gives me the freedom and flexibility to study whatever module I want to study on the days I am not in class.

“As part of the course, you learn about host-based forensics, which is analysing what data goes across a network, as well as testing cyber security across different operating systems such as Linux. We also have a computing project which lasts throughout the whole year – it's a more independent part of the course which includes research and practical work. For my project, I’m doing a comparative analysis of two IoT (Internet of Things) devices, like smart speakers or smart cameras, from two different countries, and seeing what data can be extracted from each device in order to test the security of them.

“Coming from a school environment into SERC is the best adjustment you can make. It feels like a healthier environment for study due to the relationship between the lecturers and the students. The lecturers treat you like a person rather than just a student. Thanks so much to my lecturers Richard, Ryan, Veronica, Claire, and Sam – every one of them has been so accommodating of students' needs and questions. They are all very good.

“Another computing student and I created a Computing Society within SERC as part of the SERC Student’s Union," he says, "It helps connect computing students from different levels and centralises communication between them to help answer computing questions or to socialise with other computing students.

“My plan is to go into industry after finishing this year of my course, hopefully the cyber security field. As a lot of jobs in that industry require proper qualifications, my course is setting me up perfectly for it because it’s a bachelor's degree. I would recommend SERC. If you didn’t have a good experience in school, I would never compare SERC to it – it's completely different. You can do so much more with your time at SERC because of the work-life balance. If you’re thinking about a course at SERC, just do it.”