Felix Robbins

Felix Robbins

“I looked at different courses over a few months and saw that the SERC option covered what I wanted to learn, gave me a broad basis of knowledge and the opportunity for professional experience; I felt this option would keep my future pathways open and help me decide what I want to do in my career.  My mother is from Downpatrick, and had watched the campus being built so she was very enthusiastic, and it is a lovely building to study in. The facilities are good – I enjoy working on these computers!”  

“I had a gap year, so I wasn’t sure about coming back to the classroom, but it was fine.  In the early weeks I really enjoyed the project-based learning which kicked off the course, as it allowed me to be creative. We worked in groups and had freedom to develop a project. Then we presented our project at the Expo in competition with other courses. "

“I have to say that I finish each day thinking “Wow, I’ve learnt something new”. I’m always learning something that will help me improve.  Everything on the course is new to me, and it’s hard work, but I’m really enjoying it.  Coding is a big jump for me; it’s inspired me to look at any websites I use, to see the code behind it and how they do things.”  

“The first year is all teaching and learning on campus, then the second year is shaped by where you want to be in the future. So, you get a 12-week work placement which you choose yourself, and I'm looking forward to researching the options. I want to go on to finish the full degree – university is a possibility, and it would be good to experience yet another education setting."

“I would say to anyone, if you are looking for something hands-on and will give you a good grounding for progression, check SERC out. Come and ask for advice – the careers staff are great; I had a lot of support and information before I applied, and a lot of encouragement and reassurance, as I really didn’t know what my next step would be. "

“The work is challenging, but at higher education level it’s focusing on something which interests you, so it’s a challenge to be enjoyed.”