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Life at college is so much more than just sitting in a classroom, with incredible facilities, fantastic support and some amazing activities right on your doorstep. Hear what our students have had to say...

Emily Gould

Emily Gould

“My business, The Pine Tree Cabin, is based in Ballynahinch and specialises in massage therapy and beauty services. I was looking for courses that would help me improve on those areas and SERC’s courses were great for this. At SERC I’ve studied Level 3 Reflexology and I am currently about to complete the Level 4 Reflexology course."

“Level 4 Reflexology is a good course, and you learn a lot while studying, including different reflexology massage techniques and the importance of providing a good consultation. You learn how to be more personable during a treatment and to look at a client's whole wellbeing as opposed to specific issues, which creates a better experience for them."

“I loved the practical side of the course. I am a visual learner so physically practising the reflexology techniques in class really helped me focus and take in the information. Our tutor was very good and had no problem helping me when I needed something explained in detail at any time during class. She always made sure we understood the topics and communicated the course information very well. I found learning about pregnancy, fertility and balancing hormones through reflexology particularly interesting, as well as the oncology topics and helping people with cancer."

“I really enjoyed my time at SERC and can’t wait to move forward with the skills I’ve gained here and implement them in my business to make it bigger and better. A lot of people feel anxious about returning to education but for me it was so worth it, and the time flew in. I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to study reflexology; you learn so much and it’s a great experience for someone looking to enhance their skills in that area, as well as related skills like time management and communication. The course will challenge you in all the right ways.”

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