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Care to Learn

The Care to Learn (NI) Scheme provides students aged between 16 and 20, who are a parent, with help towards childcare costs. The scheme is open to full time and part time FE and HE students. Students must meet the residency criteria set out in the prevailing Education (Student Support) Regulations (Northern Ireland) and be using a registered childcare provider.

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Care to Learn


Payments for childcare will be made, in arrears, directly to the childcare provider. Payments are all subject to a monthly student attendance check and may be stopped or reduced due to poor attendance.


Students can also receive assistance with reasonable associated travel costs to and from the childcare provider, where these costs are in addition to their normal travel costs from home to college.


The maximum assistance for all costs, including travel, is up to £165 per week for each child. If weekly childcare costs exceed this the student will be responsible for paying the childcare provider directly for any amount over the limit.