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Tech savvy students put their skills to the test at inter-campus computing competition

Computing students from across SERC have recently competed against each other at the annual inter-campus computing competition which was held at the SPACE campus in Bangor. 

Under the watchful eyes of the judges, the students’ knowledge and problem-solving ability was put to the test in an everyday computing software and networking situation.

Participants from both further and higher education courses across all SERC campuses took part in two competitions. The first focused on a software testing/development scenario in which teams of students were required to diagnose the faults and then recode the app to provide correct functionality.  

The second competition focused on networking infrastructure and required students to assemble a PC from supplied component parts, install an operating system to make a functioning PC. Students where then required to design and implement a network infrastructure to satisfy the demands of a given scenario.

The software testing/development competition saw some close competition but was won by the Bangor campus students: 17-year-old Christopher Billington, 20-year-old Edward Jackson and adult learner, Shaunagh Kelly.

The networking infrastructure competition also saw some tight competition throughout the day and three winners were announced: in first place was 17-year-old Jake Robinson, in second place was 18-year-old Connor Deaney and in third place was 20-year-old Christopher Wiggins.

Michael Simcock, SERC Deputy Head of School of Engineering and Computing, on announcing the winners said,  "Competitions like this provide a unique stage for student-engineers to showcase their skills and expertise and motivates them to reach the highest standards in their careers. It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm from the students.”

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