Graduation 2019 FAQ

Graduation will take place tomorrow at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast for all Higher Education (HE) students who have registered.

Graduation will take place tomorrow at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast for all Higher Education (HE) students who have registered.

Gown Collection & Return

What time can I collect my gown?

From 12.30pm. All gowns must be collected by 2.30pm.

What time can I return my gown?

All gowns must be returned by 7pm or before you leave the Waterfront Hall for the day. You should note that gown hire is only for the day of graduation. Gowns must be returned before you leave the premises.


Your graduation day is a big celebration for you, your friends and family. To honour the occasion Lafayette Photography have been appointed as the official photographer to capture the moment and provide beautifully presented photography for you to treasure.

Can I get my official photography taken?

Yes, there will be a photography studio at the Waterfront.

Where will the photographs take place?

The studio will be in Bar 1 located on the ground floor of the Waterfront Hall – it will be signposted.

What time will the photography studio open?


Can my family be included in the pictures?

Yes, you choose the photography package you wish to purchase.

What are the packages and how much will they cost?

Graduation Photography Information coming soon. You will be notified about this.

Can I pre-book my photography?

You can pre-book for your photography, which reduces your queuing time on the day of Graduation. Pre-book today at to activate your online account, view packages and prices, and ensure a prompt service.

Will there be Group/ Class photographs? No, if you wish to have a group photo, you can arrange this yourself, by bringing a group to the photography studio. If I do not have enough time to get my family photographs taken before the ceremony, can I have these taken after? Yes – the studio will remain open after the ceremony for those unable to make the earlier sitting.

Do I have to get my photographs taken on the day?

No – you are not obliged to use our photographer.

Graduation Certificates

Do I get my certificate at the ceremony?

At the ceremony you will receive a mock-up certificate. Actual certificates will be available from the College after the 1 October. You will receive a text message when your certificate is available to collect.

Can you post out my certificate? No – you must collect it from the college.

If I do not attend Graduation can you please post out my certificate?

No – you must collect this from the college after 1st October.

Why do we not get our certificates on the day of Graduation?

The awarding bodies will not have the certificates ready by this date – SERC have to wait until we receive them.

Before the Ceremony

Can I graduate if I owe the College money for fees?

No, all debt must be cleared or you will not be allowed to Graduate. If you are in any doubt please contact our Finance Department to check if any debt is outstanding.

Where do I park?

Disabled blue badge holders are catered for in both multi-storey car parks beside the Waterfront Hall. There are two car parks available, The Hilton Car Park beside the Waterfront Hall & Lanyon Place Car Park, which is just 100 metres from the Hall.

When I arrive at the Waterfront where do I go? G

o through the main entrance & look for the registration desk – it will be signposted.

There will also be SERC staff available to assist. What time to I need to arrive?

Graduates and their guests can begin arriving from 12.30pm, but you must arrive before 2.30pm, or you may not be able to take part in the Ceremony.

What happens before the ceremony? You will get your gown, photography if you wish and see your fellow classmates. There will also be an exhibition which includes a selection of student work that will be on display.

Is there anywhere we can eat/ drink before the ceremony?

Yes, there will be refreshments available to purchase before the ceremony in the Waterfront Hall. What do I do when I arrive? Collect your gown & then have your photographs taken if applicable.

The Ceremony

What time does the ceremony start?

4pm, however graduates will be called into the main auditorium at 3pm for a rehearsal – guests will be asked to take their seats at 3.30pm – everyone must be seated by 3.45pm.

How long will the ceremony last?

Approximately 2 hours.

Can I choose where I sit?

No - It is imperative that you sit in the seat allocated to you by the stewards on duty. You will be called in rows and in alphabetical order to receive your certificate on stage.

Can I leave before the ceremony ends?

No it is essential that you stay seated until the platform party leave the stage.

After the Ceremony

What happens after the ceremony?

There will be a drinks reception for all guests which will include canapés. This is included in the price.

If I or any of my guests have special requirements, can you cater for them​?

Yes, please state these at the time of the online registration we will make arrangements in advance.

Is there anywhere to have a meal after the ceremony?

You may wish to finish off your Special Day with a family meal at a local restaurant.

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