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College Success in BTEC & Pearson Awards 2019

We have had fantastic success in the annual BTEC & Pearson Awards 2019. To date we have four Bronze Awards.

Dr Michael Malone, Director of Curriculum and Information Services said, “This is a tremendous result for the College and thanks to all the staff involved in making submissions and congratulations to all who received Awards.

He added, “These Awards are for the UK and international, so we are competing with colleges, not only from across the UK, but on the international stage - it is fantastic to see that our students, lecturing staff, teams and the College as a whole are deemed to be the best of the best by BTEC and Pearson.“

The College has a couple more submissions in for BTEC and Pearson Awards but we will not know the outcome until the summer.”

You can keep up to date with what's happening with the BTEC Awards by following our Twitter page @S_ERC to see updates from BTEC @teachBTEC and @BTECstudents BTEC

BTEC Child and Social Care Student of the Year Cassie Munroe - Award Bronze
BTEC Science Student of the Year Olivia Heather McConkey - Award Bronze 
BTEC Lecturer of the Year Declan Black - Award Bronze
BTEC Engineering Student of the Year Hannah Dunwoody – Award Bronze 

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