International Academy

Our proven training programmes can upskill your staff, help build capacity and deliver real efficiencies.

Professional Training

SERC has been delivering teacher training to its own staff since the formation of the new College in 2008. This expertise in teacher training methodology and strategies has now also been successfully shared with many organisations in Northern Ireland, the UK and Internationally.

Our dedicated award-winning Learning Academy designs and delivers professional development programmes for SERC staff encompassing education and training, e-learning and leadership and management skills development.

This strategy has been so successful that it has been shared with teachers and professionals around the globe through various training initiatives, conferences and events.

Our training programme includes:

  • Project Based Learning – a dynamic approach, developing employability skills using real-world challenges allowing students to develop their transversal competences such as communication and leadership which are vital skills for future employment.

  • Peer Mentoring – bespoke mentoring to teachers and curriculum managers. This student-centred approach is characterised by an active learning model which encourages greater student engagement using a range of Technology Enhanced learning and pedagogical strategies.

  • Technology Enhanced Learning – a dynamic learning environment for enhancing student engagement, providing feedback and tracking progress.

  • Digital Transformation/Change Management – a programme based on SERC’s experience of change which will help to drive efficiencies and embed new ways of working through a process of continuous improvement.

  • Leadership and Management – a range of accredited professional qualifications to support staff at all levels within an organisation. SERC is a registered Chartered Management Institute (CMI) centre and can deliver accredited courses across the globe.

  • Quality Systems – SERC has been recognised by the Education Training Inspectorate and Quality Assurance Agency as having robust and well-developed Quality Assurance procedures with a whole College Self-Evaluation and Quality Improvement Strategy at the heart of the process. WE can provide bespoke training tailored to meet your needs.

  • Digital Skills – we have developed a unique Digital Skills tool to measure staff competency, identify gaps in knowledge and create a bespoke professional development plan to improve digital skills and competencies.