Suited and Booted

Help put an end to fast fashion. Need an outfit for interview or work? Don’t buy one, check out the Zero Shop first! You will be helping make a difference!

Suited and Booted

One way that we are doing our bit is with the Suited and Booted campaign, which aims to reduce the amount of fast fashion produced while providing students with clothes for interviews and work. Fast fashion has negative impacts on the environment such as water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste, which typically ends up in landfill when we no longer want the clothes we rushed out to buy!

Instead of buying something new that you may only wear once or twice, why not check out our Suited and Booted shop?! You can pick up something free of charge if you are a student. If you’re a staff member and you have your eye on something in the Suited and Booted shop, we also run a token scheme: for every five items you donate you can choose something to take home!

Also, at the end of each academic year, there will be a clothing exchange where anyone can come along and swap items one for one. This way we can update the Suited and Booted shop with fresh and up to date items of clothing ever year.

Where to find us?

If you would like to browse our collection or donate, contact your campus Innovation Advisor below. We are happy to show you our collection so you can choose your next interview outfit!

CampusInnovation Advisor
Bangor / Newtownards

Megan Rollins:

Rachel Innes:

Charlotte Buick:

Downpatrick / NewcastleDearbhla Knight:
Lisburn / BallynahinchNatasha Lloyd:


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