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Students rock on social media covering Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's famous 'Dark Side of the Moon' album was recreated and performed by the talented music students at SPACE, Bangor recently. The students performed the classic collection of songs as part of their Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance course, which was lauded on social media.

The historic and renowned album was performed in its entirety for the end of year performance. The twelve musical SERC students put on a fantastic, memorable show resulting in a selection of positive comments on Facebook after the curtain call had concluded.

The Show was a perfect opportunity for these Level 3 Music students to come together and showcase their music and creative abilities which they have developed and enhanced throughout their time on the course in front of an expecting audience, some of which included family and friends.

SERC lecturer Lizzie Buick, who attended as a member of the audience was blown away by the quality. She said, "The intimidate venue provided a deeper engagement between us, the audience, and the very accomplished musicians, full of flair and individuality."

Music lecturer Antoine Rivoire was delighted, "These musicians are the future and to perform such a highly regarded album to this standard was phenomenal. There was no sense of stage fright, and it actually seemed to spur them on to produce an overwhelmingly brilliant performance." Antoine further commented, "The response on social media was unexpected, and we can only thank those who attended for their support and positive feedback of these talented students."  

Comments on social media illustrate how members of the audience enjoyed the event. 

"I wish to express how much I enjoyed the student performance. This was the best live gig I have been to in years having attended gigs my whole life in the capacity as both a performer and an audience member. The intimate venue provided a deeper engagement between us, the audience and the very accomplished musicians, full of flair and individuality. Well done to the cast and those behind the scenes." Lizzie Buick  

"Amazing show. Honestly one of the best nights out I have had in a long time. You should all be extremely proud." Sarah Davis

"Nothing much left to say but AMAZING. Big pat on the back to each and every one of you." William Anyon

"You were all wonderful. Thank you for the best night out I have had in a long time. Seriously when I closed my eyes it could have been Pink Floyd playing. Thank you." Judith Thurley

"What a night. It was just amazing. I say get them on TV so the nation can enjoy and appreciate their talent." Fran Yeates

"To be brave enough to tackle Pink Floyd at their best and make it work is a huge feat in itself. I know every note of this album and you pulled out all the stops for sure and excelled. I'd like to hear more of the same again." Jay Ragnarsson

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