Learning Academy

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is one of the largest public funded further and higher education Colleges in the United Kingdom with over 900 staff and 30,000 enrolments.
Learning Academy

The Learning Academy (LA) bears testimony to South Eastern Regional College’s (SERC) commitment to develop its staff as well as provide training locally, nationally and internationally to a wide range of public and private sector organisations. The Learning Academy designs and delivers professional development programmes for SERC’s staff in areas such as education and training, e-learning and leadership. Opportunities are provided for continuing professional development through learning events which include: webinars, facilitated workshops and conferences, locally, nationally and internationally, face to face and online.

The award-winning Learning Academy (Beacon award 2015) has organised a range of conferences: Learning and Teaching Approaches within Vocational Education, Innovative use of Blended Learning, Project-Based Learning, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Resilience, and Scholarly Activity (HE in FE). LA staff have been invited to speak at conferences and deliver bespoke training nationally and internationally, in countries including Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Uganda and across Europe.

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With a wealth of experience, the Learning Academy can provide tailored conferences in any of the areas of focus below. These active, participatory events provide opportunities for delegates to network and develop their knowledge and skills. Led by experienced facilitators there are opportunities for delegates to engage, connect and interact.

Workshops / Training

The Learning Academy is based in the South East of Northern Ireland and provides workshops and training locally, nationally and internationally. Some of the training the LA has delivered includes the areas of focus below. The LA can deliver bespoke in-house training solutions.

International Partnerships

SERC is proud of its extensive links with a range of international partners. The Learning Academy has provided bespoke training and workshops for Colleges and Universities in Japan, Thailand, Uganda, Singapore, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Ireland.

Supporting innovative teaching and the sharing of good practice.

The Learning Academy provides informal learning opportunities using a webinar style approach through weekly webinars for staff. Moodle Mondays focus on blended learning approaches, developing the digital skills of staff. Established approaches support teachers as they develop and enhance blended learning opportunities including webinars, “Know and TEL”, mentoring and facilitated workshops.

Weekly Webinar Wednesdays introduce colleagues to current and emerging developments in pedagogic practice and provide a platform for disseminating this across the organisation. We are committed to supporting innovative learning and teaching approaches and sharing expert practice using the webinar platform.

Peer Mentoring

With a team of Pedagogy Mentors, the Learning Academy have provided bespoke mentoring to teachers and curriculum managers. Characterised by a student-centred approach, the Learning Academy has developed an active learning model which encourages greater student engagement, using a range of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and pedagogical strategies. This course will provide a clear overview of SERC’s award-winning model (BEACON AWARD 2015) that has transformed the way that teachers teach and students learn.

Over 480 teachers have completed SERC’s mentoring programme. The mentoring programme includes 6 hours of tailored training, demonstration lessons, team teaching and supportive observations.

Project Based Learning
Supporting innovative teaching and the sharing of good practice.

Project Based Learning (PBL) within SERC is a dynamic learning approach, developing vocational and employability skills using real-world challenges. PBL positions lecturers in the role of facilitator, giving students more autonomy and developing their transversal competencies such as communication and leadership, which are crucial transferable skills for future employment.

SERC provides bespoke training on the design and implementation of project-based learning approaches. Training can also be provided on the characteristics of innovative learning space design to promote greater collaboration.

Virtual Learning Environment
Supporting innovative teaching and the sharing of good practice.

The use of technology to promote learning in Further Education is an area of immense and rapid growth. The College has invested substantially in the development and standardisation of its MOODLE Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This has resulted in some 4.9 million MOODLE hits during the last year, with at least 29% coming from outside the College.

This is a strong indicator that students are developing the ability to learn independently and enjoy accessing the activities and resources on MOODLE. The College uses data analytics to inform the iterative process of creating and redesigning programmes.