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Creating the Dream Team

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10 December, 2018
13:00 to 14:00
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Creating the Dream Team

The Entrepreneurs Club at SERC are delivering the first in a planned series of masterclasses which will be delivered on each of the campuses. These masterclasses are designed to make it as easy as possible for start-ups to deal with some of the challenges related to scalability, such as recruiting the right people, gaining access to funding and finding the tools they need quickly.

Dr. John Kelly will compere the first masterclass, which is titled “Creating a Team”.  It will be an active session and will assist in the early stage of starting up as its important to understand being a start-up is not a one-person show, and there will be people will particular traits that you will need to recruit if you are to increase your chance of success. This session will help to begin this identification process.

The event will last approximately 45 minutes with a Q&A session following hosted by our Entrepreneur in residence Terence Brannigan.

This event will take place in room B4-10.

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