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C&G Level 7 Award for Professional Recognition

This qualification offers the opportunity for Professionals to gain an accredited qualification which recognises their excellence in a chosen vocational field.
Newtownards, Online
1 Years, 2 Years
Level 7

Course Structure

This qualification offers the opportunity for Professionals to gain an accredited qualification which recognises their excellence in a chosen vocational field.

In addition, those achieving a Professional Recognition Award will be granted an appropriate, internationally recognised post nominal; LCGI, AFCGI, GCGI or MCGI.

You can choose the qualification that demonstrates the level of specialist knowledge and skills you have developed within your career, including:

  • Working relationships
  • Customer relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving 
  • Planning 
  • Managing resources. 


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Available Sessions

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Course Code: 10072

Contact Hours

The course is offered offsite and learners are expected to complete content in their own time.  You will have contact with a tutor however, to achieve the qualification you will be expected to produce a portfolio of evidence.  The entire process is expected to take approximately 40 hours.  

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • Level 4 qualification comparable to Higher Level Apprenticeships & Certificates of Higher Education.
  • Level 5 qualification comparable to Diplomas of Higher Education, Foundation Degrees & HNDs.
  • Level 6 qualification comparable to Bachelor Degrees.
  • Level 7 qualification comparable to Master Degrees and Postgraduate Certificates. 

How will I be assessed and given feedback?

Assessment will be carried out through a range of methods such as work-related projects, portfolios and references. Feedback will be provided continually throughout the programme.

Where will it take me?

 There is a clear line of progression for learners to follow, from Level 4 to Level 7.

At each level evidence is assessed against six standards:

  • Commitment to Professional Standards
  • Communication and Information Management
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Working with Others 

How will it make me more employable?

Successful candidates receive two awards; an accredited qualification, regulated and recognised by Ofqual in England & Northern Ireland.

To achieve a Professional Recognition Award the candidate must provide evidence of their competency for each standard which is assessed by an approved centre & then verified by City & Guilds experts.

Successful candidates are also granted appropriate post nominals (LCGI, AfCGI, GCGI or MCGI). A piece of evidence may be used to cover more than one of the standards. The standards can be met collectively and holistically, rather than one by one.  

Additional Costs

 There are no additional costs associated with this Programme.


 This course is accredited by City & Guilds (C&G) and is regulated and recognised by Ofqual in England and Northern Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

Students will be required to comply with SERC's Terms & Conditions of study.

While we endeavour to run all our courses on the advertised day, SERC reserves the right to change the day of week on which the course runs.

In addition to the above Terms & Conditions students must also adhere to the following:

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