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VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

The VTCT Level 4 qualification has been designed for practitioners currently working in sport and active leisure, including osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapists and sports massage practitioners.

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Title Campus Type Week Starting Places Available Fee
VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy
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Part-Time 10/09/2018
Day: Thursday
Time: 16:30-21:30
14 £524.00 Apply Now

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Course Overview


The VTCT Level Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (QCF) is focused towards those seeking to gain employment as a Sports


Massage Therapist providing sports massage to prevent and manage injury.


Through this qualification you will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to apply sports massage methods competently to recent non-acute injury and pre-existing conditions.


This will include a range of massage techniques additional to those acquired at Level 3, which include: connective tissue, soft tissue release, corrective frictions, trigger points and muscle energy techniques.


You will develop your subjective and objective assessment skills to include clinical reasoning and the use of a wide range of special and functional muscle test. You will be able to give advice on treatment modalities used to support soft tissue repair at each stage of injury. In addition you will explore a wide range of pathophysiology and acquire a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology through the practical application of the newly acquired objective tests.


Units in the qualifications:

  • Conducting subjective and objective assessment

  • Provide sports massage techniques to prevent and manage injury

  • Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair


Entry Requirements


Entry requirements:


  • You must be 18 years old

  • Candidates must have one of the following:


  1. The VTCT Level 3 certificate or Diploma in sports massage therapy or equivalent qualification

  2. The VTCT Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology with nutrition for sports therapies or equivalent qualifications

  3. Other equivalent qualifications to those identified in prerequisites 1-2.

  4. You may be required to carry out a trade test

  5. Because Level 4 is more academic it would be to your benefit to have English GCSE or equivalent.


  • Candidates are required to have Professional indemnity and Public liability to practice. This can be achieved after enrolment.

Have Access NI. This can be achieved after enrolment

There is an interview for this course. Contact to be made to ekerr@serc.ac.uk

Where will it take me?

Graduates will be able to progress onto the VTCT Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage (QCF) which will build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding gained at Level 4, introducing more advanced massage techniques (myofascial, PNF and active isolated stretching), assessment techniques for ligamentous and neural conditions.


Be eligible to join the SMA (Sports Massage Association) at Level 4

Additional information

There are a number of professional associations (PA’s) that offer membership to qualified (postgraduate) sports massage therapists. Individual PA’s often have their own membership entry requirements that can include:

• a minimum period of time over which a

course/qualification is completed

• the method of course delivery

• a logbook to evidence learner practice hours

• a First Aid qualification

• an annual log of continuing professional

development (CPD)


This list is not exhaustive and learners are advised to check the requirements of the specific professional association they may like to join post qualification.
How will it make me more employable?

Completion of this course can lead to a job as a Sports Massage Practitioner working independently in a Sports Club or with a Sports Team. You may also gain employment working alongside an Osteopaths, Physiotherapists or Sports Therapists.

How will I be assessed and given feedback?

Learners must successfully undertake and record at least 50 hours of massage. Working on dysfunctional tissue; working on recent non acute injuries; pre-existing conditions; Restricted to working on Muscle and Tendon pathologies.


Units will be assessed by the following:


  1. Observations in Situ (Sporting events) and in clinic

  2. Critically evaluating research papers

  3. Case studies

  4. Assignments

  5. Observation of palpation of Bony landmarks, joint lines and muscles

  6. Witness statements

  7. Portfolio work

South Eastern Regional College provides a professional, enjoyable, clinical environment and access to Sporting events and clubs including The Belfast City Marathon, Park Run in Bangor and Lisburn, Milk Cup football and mini rugby clubs.

Additional Costs

Approximate prices below of extra costs:

Uniform: T-shirt £15

Equipment: Massage Oils £8 (500ml) & Portable massage plinth £100-£200 for use at home.

Mandatory Access NI fee of £33.

Terms & Conditions

Students will be required to comply with SERC's Terms & Conditions of study.

While we endeavour to run all our courses on the advertised day, SERC reserves the right to change the day of week on which the course runs.

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