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Terms and Conditions

Student Agreement Summary

I understand that the points below detail the terms and conditions of my enrolment at SERC and the minimum standards expected of me. I will adhere to them during the course of my studies including when I am engaged in College related activities at non-SERC establishments. Failure to meet these expectations may result in the disciplinary action.

Personal Information

    • I agree the information I have provided to the College on my enrolment form is accurate and up to date
    • I have not been permanently expelled from the College
    • All temporary exclusion timescales are expired at the time of enrolment (if applicable)
    • I will notify the College of any changes to my personal information or circumstances, including criminal convictions obtained during my course
    • I understand the College will process my personal data within the limitations of the Data Protection Act (1998) and will only share my data where legislation permits/demands 

Enrolment and Fees

  • I undertake to pay all relevant fees owed by me to the College in relation to my course e.g. tuition, examinations, materials, uniforms etc.
    • I understand that should I withdraw from my course, I will remain liable for full payment of all relevant course fees and direct debit payments (if applicable) will continue to be collected
    • I must notify my course tutor if I decide to withdraw but understand that my course tutor cannot authorise any fee waiver/reduction
    • I understand my qualification/certificate will be withheld until all monies have been fully paid
    • I am aware that the College reserves the right to cancel/withdraw classes where there are insufficient enrolment numbers to make the class viable
    • In the event of classes being cancelled or postponed, the College may notify me via text message and/or email
    • I understand refunds will not be granted unless a class is cancelled or oversubscribed
    • I understand that if I am entitled to a fee waiver, I must produce the evidence at the point of enrolment as refunds cannot be approved retrospectively  

Policies And Procedures

  • I agree to abide by and not breach College policies and procedures relevant to me.
    • I will not aid, procure or incite others to breach College policies and procedures.

Marketing/Social Media

  • I consent to the use of my data for SERC purposes e.g. website articles, newsletters, video, promotional stories and this data will remain the property of SERC
    • I will not bring SERC, its staff or other students into disrepute by making defamatory comments or argue with others or post inappropriate comments/links on social media
    • I will not use social media to express my views about other students or staff

Compliance With The Attendance, Performance And Classroom Behavioural Requirements Of The Programme Of Study

  • I will comply with rules and requirements as established by the validating body for my course
    • I will attend class punctually, as timetabled
    • I agree to submit coursework as directed by my tutor
    • Coursework, essays etc. will be a true reflection of my own research and studies
    • I agree to behave during all classes in a manner that is conducive to both my learning and that of others
    • I agree to comply with the instructions and direction from my tutors
    • I understand that registration and progression into the next year of my course is subject to satisfactory performance and attendance

Health And Safety

  • I will conform with all fire evacuation and other Health and Safety instructions e.g. safe use of machinery and the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment
    • I will not behave in any manner likely to cause injury or a risk of injury towards myself or others, including appropriate driving and parking on campus
    • I will not consume, possess or distribute any controlled drug substance or alcohol while engaged in SERC related activity
    • I will not bring items to College which could harm others

Compliance With The Acceptable Use Policies For The IT Systems

  • I will comply will all policies and rules regarding the safe and appropriate use of College IT systems.

SERC Respect Agenda

  • I agree to behave in a fashion which respects the rights of other students, staff, College contractors and those living and working in the vicinity of the College Campuses, thus enabling them to learn and work without distraction, disruption or other antisocial behaviour
    • I will respect all College property and equipment and that belonging to others


  • I agree to comply with the SERC Bullying Policy.
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